Parley Messaging

Redefining Customer Happiness

Because messages are short and to the point. Customer information is complete. Communication around details is very simple. Often times there is no need for instant reply. Leading the customer back to the app using push notifcations is simple. Lightning speed adoption of the channel by customers. Completely customizable to your styling preferences.

Replace Live Chat

With the emergence of livechat, there were all sorts of benefits to consider compared to a call. That way you could serve multiple customers at the same time and you can directly add a document to the conversation. But in fact, livechat is not much more than a typed call; You need a live agent for it, you are bound by opening times and there is a beginning and an end. Messaging is always available and is picked up within the chosen service level. In addition, a chat session never has to be abandoned and you see all conversation history of the relevant customer. Parley Messaging is customizable to the look and feel of your company. All data remains your property and resides on Parley's server.

Turn off email

The costs are high, customer satisfaction is poor, and the effectiveness is low. Yet many companies maintain e-mail as a customer contact channel. Perhaps due to habituation, perhaps because of the feeling that this must be a mandatory back-up for customer contact. Parley is always available and therefore a legally approved alternative to e-mail. Parley is also proven to be more effective; you avoid unnecessary repeat traffic and the customers and employees are satisfied.

Call reduction

In addition to the fact that customers nowadays expect a customer service to offer multiple customer contact channels, companies also notice that this works more effectively. In this way a customer contact team can handle the pressure on one channel with the other channel. By using messaging channels, you give customers the option of not having a "live" conversation but sending a message and reading the response when it suits them. With Parley you can help multiple customers at the same time and the conversation is brief and concise, so the AHT increasingly declines.